Sunflower seeds are one of my favorite time-wasting snacks. They are ideal to munch on something not calorie dense while watching netflix. It keeps your hand busy, and slows the rate of consumption of calories compared to chips ...etc. I still have to do research to figure out how many seeds I can peel per minute and calories per minute.

Snack Analysis

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Texturecrunchy with the shells (for the freaks out there), and soft for only the seeds.
Suitable forVegans (eat plant-based foods only, excluding all foods of animal origin)
Popular inThailand
The World
Recommended Consumption TemperatureRoom Temperature
Recommended Serving Size25 grams
IngredientsSunflower Seeds 97% Salt 3%
Nutritional Information50 KCAL
Allergy InformationNone


Flavour Profile